Vivian has really perked up after her shunt was placed and, especially when she’s fresh right after waking up, she feels great and displays minimal symptoms. Her humor and fire is back. Hallelujah.

The biopsy results confirmed what was expected: this is a DIPG with some high grade features. It’s what we hoped it was not, although most things suggested this was the case so this does not come as a surprise at all. Nor does this rattle us or shake us any more than we’ve already been shaken. We’re on the same track and pushing ahead with the same plan that was laid out in the beginning.

Vivian’s quick MRI yesterday did not show any change in her tumor. Great! No super short-term progression, but also no resolution.

Yesterday Vivian had a PICC line placed so she’ll not need IVs placed again. The plan is to start radiation tomorrow, Wednesday, in conjunction with an experimental drug that is in the latter stages of testing.

We continue to pray, and hope that you will join us in committing to do so over the long haul. We will pray for the miraculous at all stages, understanding that we could never anticipate how God would choose to intervene. Complete radiographic resolution would certainly satisfy me, but “God works in mysterious ways” and a miracle may come in a form we never anticipated or envisioned. That tumor may never decrease in size but it also may never grow again. That would be equally miraculous. The experimental trial we’ve elected to join may lead to unexpected results. And one day Viv may awaken symptom free. Or maybe time just continues to pass, year after year, without any change at all. We continue to believe God is working in her, and although we don’t understand His design and plan His presence remains palpable and we feel His hand stirring the pot.

Thank you all for continued support. And most importantly, thank you all for your commitments to remember Viv in prayer for the coming months.