This was the first update we gave to our friends and family after we learned of Vivian’s diagnosis on February 1, 2018:

“Katie and I are writing requesting that you all pray for Vivian. It’s with very heavy hearts that we share this information with you. Vivian was diagnosed with a brain tumor this morning that is very complicated in its location and size. We are taking her to Oregon Health Sciences now for an initial procedure to relieve pressure on her brain and to begin discussions about treatment options that will likely start immediately. We will give you more information when we have it. Right now there are many questions to answer and consultants to see before we know what the future holds. Please pray for healing, pray for the surgeon who will place a shunt today, pray that the tumor will respond to therapy and that Viv will avoid complications or difficulties along the way. We are praying for her and have faith God can heal her and sustain us as we move ahead. We love you all and we sure love Vivian.”