A very big thank you to all of the people who have been so very generous and thoughtful during this time. We’ve had many meals delivered and there has been an abundance of toys, activities, stuffed animals, cards, blankets, offers to help, and love and prayers poured out on us. Thank you!!! Vivian was back in school after Spring Break yesterday and loved being back…again today with her favorite, ballet, after. Photo 1. is a trail ride later this afternoon with our amazing neighbors. 2. a lovely prayerful pieced of art made by wonderful woman who spent two months praying over this and Vivian while she was creating it. 3. a quilt made by the children and Viv’s school, Little Oak Montessori. These kids and their parents have diligently and lovingly created beautiful things to send to Viv to show her she was missed during her 2 months away from school. 4,5. Spring Break trip to Hawaii that worked out despite being scheduled prior to diagnosis. We left a day and a half after she finished radiation.

We are thankful to each of you who have reached out. Especially for prayers as that is our only hope as there is no cure. She will have an MRI next Wednesday. The doctors say it doesn’t usually look very good at this point after all the trauma of radiation. It would be a complete and absolute miracle if it is just GONE. We know that God CAN do that. We believe He has bigger plans for this little one. #defeatdipg