Many people have asked how Viv is doing. This photo is from a play date today with her entire class. If we could keep her this way forever, that would be the miracle we have been praying for. Her MRI Wednesday. showed the tumor has shrunk somewhat. This is fairly normal at this point. 99.99% of the time is comes with a vengeance. Nearly every day a child is diagnosed with the DIPG and nearly every day a child dies.

Many of you have also asked what you can do to help. The answer has simply been prayer. We still need that more than anything. But, now there is something else you can do too. More research needs to be happening. Please consider donating. All money except credit card processing fees will go to DIPG research. I encourage you to look at the website. there is great information there on DIPG. You can also go to our foundation page Vivian Rose Weaver Defeat DIPG Foundation

Thank you. We have an amazing advisory board helping is determine researchers doing to the most innovative work to find a cure. Imagine if you had a child diagnosed 3 years from now. Wouldn’t you want them to be doing everything they can right now to find a cure?!? What would that be worth to you?

I am thankful for the families who have been working tirelessly towards a cure since their children have passed. Thank you Michael Mosier Defeat DIPG Foundation and many others.

Thank you everyone for continued prayers and for those of you who have donated already. Please keep praying!!! Also, please share. Maybe with an extra note attached asking for additional support. Thank you. We know we are loved.