Great news today. We FINALLY got approval for the Voyager by a company named Nativis. God sent my brother David to a potential investors meeting the week after Viv was diagnosed. What they were talking about trying to cure sounded a lot like what was going on with Vivian. He let us know about the product and here we are. We have spent 6 weeks wading thru paperwork, doctors at the company, our doctors, FDA, Integrity Review Boards and they shipped it out today. It is considered for compassionate use. It is a complete experiment but with no known side effects. It is a halo Viv will wear on her head as much as possible that emits ultra-low radio frequency energy waves and in theory prevents cell division. Thank you for praying for this to go thru. Now we need the drug company or our insurance to help with getting a drug called panobinostat. It has been shown to  slow tumor progression.  Lots of prayers still.